Why Demon Slayer's movie made a big hit in 2020 cinema ranking

· Economics

Demon Slayer's big hit derived from Economical situation and The theory of Job.

In 2020, the fear of COVID-19 spread all over the world.

Japan was not also escaped by the painful crisis.

So, we met the locked down and had stayed at home for long term.

New TV dramas and Movies which actors and actress play roles had not been released so many. Animations met even same situation and did not release so many new works.

However, some animations made bigger hit in 2020 than ever before.

For instance, The movie of "Demon Slayer" recorded 33 Billion JPY income in all Japanese cinema, 2020 and helped the Cinema theater's market in Japan.

However, why did the work make so big hit in 2020?

The reasons are below.

1, The number of Audience are more than the other years.

People stayed at home and have so tired and free long hours. The situation contributed to get opportunity of watching the work and Animations.

2, The theory of Job by Parent's care for their children.

C. Christensen who wrote the famous work "Innovator's dilemma" said the theory. It is high possibility of that the work's big hit was corresponded with this famous theory.

3, Economical situation in Limited Budgets and number of works.

This case was similar to Countryside economics and ideal financial situation. My opinion derives from this essay. (Persson and Tabellini, Political Economics, MIT Press, 2002)


The gross 2020's movie market was shrunk to around 50% than 2019. The limited situation was like the world and community situation in the countryside.

So, according to Marketing AIDMA, "Demon Slayer" got the desirable situation in 2020 as chosen one. Of course, moreover, the work was series of Jump comics which is the most popular Manga magazine in Japan and has the most plenty budget for promotion.

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